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Artesão Mata dos Palmitos - foto de Germano Neto Artesão Mata dos Palmitos - foto de Germano Neto

iA - Artist residency in Ouro Preto

iA - Artist residency in Ouro Preto

In line with the world panorama of the arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art of Ouro Preto (iA) inaugurates in Ouro Preto, Mariana and region an unprecedented artist-in-residence program.

The project will offer temporary residencies for those interested in developing works in dialogue with history, architecture, the environment and politics, having as a common axis the decolonization of the view, the knowledge and the doing.

Aiming to integrate the local community into the initiative, the program offers individual and collective residencies with artists and curators from around the world. Another important aspect of the program is the attention paid to the social and cultural specificities of the region. Participants will be invited to impact the spaces through artistic visions that pursue a point of intersection between the local and the global, the city and the world, holding workshops and other events that will offer a dive into the multicultural aspirations of the region.

A resident "lives for a while" — it is passage. Naturally, very important links are established, because they are stabilized in the growing network. They are not permanent links, though.

“There may be a difference between "passing by" and "going through" an experience, depending on the intensity that each person reaches on the journey. Passing by is like someone who travels by train and, without leaving his seat, sees the landscape through the window. Going through, on the other hand, is different, it supposes another intensity, another surrender; it supposes that the resident walks the terrain, experiences the people, the place, the works and, who knows, gets transformed by what he was able to experience.”

Guilherme Gutman ( Select Magazine)

Our first “iA - Artist residency in Ouro Preto” program will soon be available here.