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Invest in art and culture

IA's patron program is a fundamental pillar for the development of our activities. This initiative provides a support network and ensures an active participation of society in the life and development of the institute. Send an email to patronos@ia.art.br and we will go through the whole procedure.

Young patrons

The young patrons program brings the institute closer to young people who can collaborate with new ideas, establishing the background for the institute's future leaderships. By joining this circle, you will help iA to promote its activities. Be part of the history of iA. Sign up here:

    Become a friend company

    The involvement of partner companies is essential for the maintenance of iA's activities, as well for the development of its curatorial project. Learn about the main categories of support and help us write the history of the institute. Get in touch by the apoio@ia.art.br

    Donate via Direct Deposit

    Account name: Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto – IA
    CNPJ 25383686/0001-78
    Bank: Banco do Brasil
    Agency number: 0473-1
    Account number: 48858-5

    Send an e-mail to apoio@ia.art.br and we will be pleased to help in case of any doubt.


    Patron - Sponsor - Presenter

    Get in touch and find out how we can establish a partnership according to your needs: patrocinio@ia.art.br